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Clinical Supervision For Associates and Trainees
At our practice, we are committed to the ongoing professional development of therapists and mental health clinicians. We offer supervision both virtually and in-person. Through our clinical supervision and consultation services, we provide structured guidance to help you enhance your therapeutic skills, maintain best practices, and navigate complex cases.

We offer supervision services tailored for:

Licensed Associate Counselors and Therapists

Our experienced clinical supervisors provide the oversight hours required for associates to accrue experience toward full licensure. We emphasize professional growth through observation, feedback, and case consultation.

Trainee Supervision for Graduate Students

Our structured internship program allows trainees to develop clinical competencies under the close supervision and mentorship of licensed professionals in the field. 

Clinical Consultation For Professionals
Through clinical supervision and consultation, you'll develop greater confidence as a mental health professional, stay attuned to best practices, and ultimately enhance the level of care you provide.

Even seasoned mental health clinicians can benefit from consultation services to gain fresh perspectives, prevent burnout, and continually hone their expertise. Our consultation services include:

Individual Consultation

One-on-one consultation provides personalized feedback tailored to your specific clients, clinical issues, or profession-related goals. This can involve case conceptualization, intervention planning, or exploring professional identity.

Specialized Consultation

We provide focused consultation for clinicians working with specialized populations or treatment modalities such as OCD, CBT, and ERP in couples therapy.

"I highly recommend Kulliki. As a therapist and a mother, she is empathetic and warm, which helped me connect right away with her and share my story. When we met her, I had unresolved anger and grief at becoming a mother and losing my independence that were impacting my relationship with my husband. Kulliki helped me express these emotions while realizing I was judging myself too harshly and provided me with tools and strategies for the times when I felt falling down in a rabbit's hole of self-judgement. I was able to reconnect with my husband and regained confidence and acceptance as a woman, a mom and a professional."


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